Year Two

June 5, 2018


How do I put these past two years into words?

I realized a few days ago that there may be a lot of you out there who still don’t know our story. Where are you from? Why do you keep moving? I thought farmers don’t move around often?

So I thought, what better time to share than on our two year wedding anniversary.

Two years ago Jake and I stood in front of our friends and family in my hometown of Lancaster, PA and committed to love each other for the rest of our lives. Our journey to each other was completely heaven sent and if you want to read about it, you can find the story HERE.

After our wedding, we honeymooned for a week in the Dominican then came back to Lancaster, PA for a day, packed up my Jeep and the Uhaul and traveled halfway across the country to settle into our little third story apartment in Chilton, Wisconsin.

Jake is from Western New York and I am from Southeast Pennsylvania, so Wisconsin is/was unfamiliar to both of us. Jake started working for Milksource in January of 2016, a few months before we were married. He started up/managed their 10,000 goat dairy and it was a great and challenging season. That first year of marriage was amazing. Moving away from comfort and family was possibly the healthiest thing for our new marriage and we would definitely agree that it was one of our best decisions.

We were each others only friends for the first few months of marriage because we had no one else. Slowly we started making friends and Wisconsin was beginning to feel like home. And just like that, God was like, “Nope, you’re getting too comfortable, its time to move and grow.”

Last May, the company that Jake works for, presented him with a new job opportunity, in Northeast Missouri. An opportunity too good to turn down. Within a few weeks we were uprooted from our comfortable lives in Wisconsin and ready to move south to small town Missouri. To our surprise, there was a town of 40,000 people near by. (I was fully prepared to drive two hours to a mall, live on dirt roads and not have any friends nearby). But the Lord is so, so good!! We have now been in Missouri/Illinois for over a year and we couldn’t imagine being anywhere else! (And that’s saying a lot, because we LOVED Wisconsin. It took almost a solid year to get to the point where I finally felt like Missouri was home). We are a half an hour from the dairy and 15 min from the town of 40,000 (Quincy, IL). If you get confused about where we live, Illinois or Missouri, because you see me talk/post about both, its because we live basically on the border of both! But technically, we are residents of Missouri! 🙂 This year we bought our first home, renovated it and found a church that has been an absolute God sent. The church and our friends have been wrecking our lives. We’ve never felt so at home in a place so unfamiliar and so far from anywhere we’ve ever known. Our friends love Jesus and push us in our faith immensely. The Lord has been doing so many incredible things in our hearts and in our marriage and I am brought to my knees every time I think about how good God is. We don’t know where our forever home will be, but were thankful for the season we are in and we are fully enjoying every second of it. Thank you to everyone who has poured into our lives and our marriage over these past two years. We love you so, so much !! So excited to see what year 3 has in store for us!

Kerri and Tim

In speaking and planning with Courtney before our big day, she was kind, thoughtful, helpful, and relatable. She everyone feel so at ease the day of our wedding. Not only did she capture us having the best day of our lives, but the smiles on our faces throughout the day as they filmed solidified our feelings — it really was such a great day! 

"the stars aligned when we booked Courtney"

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I'm a fine art wedding and portrait photographer serving the East coast and worldwide. With a heart rooted in being a wife and mother, I've felt the speed of life's changes. That's why I believe in capturing memories to time-travel back to, forever. My ultimate goal is to not just capture life's special moments, but all of the love and emotion wrapped up within it. 




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