Proposal: Brooke + Roman

December 29, 2017


MY SISTER GOT ENGAGED!!!! And I got to photograph it!! Do you even know how amazing that is?!!! It was truly such an honor to watch my sister say yes to her high school sweetheart, to witness it and to document it. It’s times like these, that remind me of why my job is so important. I am so excited to gain another brother and share in the joy of marriage with my little sister. 

The story of their Christmas eve proposal begins with a photoshoot. As every good story begins, am I right?! 😉 I am going to go ahead and assume that this shoot probably threw her off, juuuust a little. Not the shoot itself, but perhaps the timing. I always offer to photograph my family when I’m home, so when I asked B if her and Roman wanted to have a little photoshoot on Christmas eve, it was not too unusual. But the timing of it, maybe a little strange. We had to wait until it was allllllmost dark to have the shoot, because her now FIANCE (!!) had a beautiful set up in the backyard of his family’s Bed and Breakfast. A gorgeous gazebo, strung with lights, candles and a table set up with photos and memories of them over the years. The photoshoot that we had planned, pre proposal, needed to end just as it was getting dark so we could hop in the vehicle and head to the proposal location and have it be completely dark!

Throughout the entire photo shoot, there was a thought in the back of Brooke’s head that MAYBE, just maybe, Roman would drop down on one knee and propose, but when it was over and it hadn’t happened, the idea was out of her head. We loaded up in the truck and headed back “home” for Christmas Eve dinner with the family…or so Brooke thought. After a few minutes of driving, we pulled into the Bed and Breakfast where Roman had the whole thing set up in the backyard. Confusion set in and well, photos below will tell the rest of the story! AND BONUS! At the last minute, I had my husband grab my second camera and video the entire thing! My baby sister made them a little video with their favorite song and well, it was all just so magical!

Congrats Brooke + Roman, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH IT HURTS. 

Kerri and Tim

In speaking and planning with Courtney before our big day, she was kind, thoughtful, helpful, and relatable. She everyone feel so at ease the day of our wedding. Not only did she capture us having the best day of our lives, but the smiles on our faces throughout the day as they filmed solidified our feelings — it really was such a great day! 

"the stars aligned when we booked Courtney"

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I'm a fine art wedding and portrait photographer serving the East coast and worldwide. With a heart rooted in being a wife and mother, I've felt the speed of life's changes. That's why I believe in capturing memories to time-travel back to, forever. My ultimate goal is to not just capture life's special moments, but all of the love and emotion wrapped up within it. 




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